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Oblivious truck driver forces construction worker into some exercise


An oblivious truck driver accidentally forces a construction worker to get in a little workout in this concerning video. 

In the clip, a construction worker is holding a stop sign to halt traffic in a construction zone, which is filmed by the dash cam of a semi truck at the front of the line of traffic. 

Suddenly, the construction worker looks concerned and starts to hustle away, shuffling across the road – and that’s when a semi truck sideswipes the filming truck driver and smacks right into the stop sign that the worker was manning. 

It’s not completely clear what happened here, but it seems as if the second truck driver was not paying attention when traffic stopped, and swerved onto the shoulder in an attempt to slow down without hurting anybody. 

“This is how I run away in my nightmares,” commented one viewer. 

“Thought it was slo-mo at first,” added another. 

“What are these kinds of drivers normally looking at? It only takes 3secs of eyes off the road, and it could be life changing,” wrote a third. 

Watch the video below.

(Near Miss) [Not OC] Somebody wasn’t looking ahead like they were supposed to.
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