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San Antonio city officials push for overnight truck parking ban


City officials in San Antonio, Texas, are currently mulling an overnight truck parking ban on many city streets.

On March 19, a San Antonio Public Safety Committee agreed to put a new truck parking ordinance on the city’s April agenda for debate.

Currently San Antonio bans truck parking on all residential streets between the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The new parking ordinance would further tighten truck parking restrictions by forbidding overnight truck parking on city streets within 1000 feet of residential areas. There would be exemptions for active loading, unloading, or emergency repairs.

According to local outlet KSAT, the new ordinance would increase the number of San Antonio streets where overnight truck parking is forbidden from 41% to 78%.

Some city officials say that they are considering the truck parking ban in response to complaints from residents.

Other San Antonio city officials are hesitant because of the lack of alternative truck parking options in the area.

“It feels like right here, what we’re doing is we’re establishing an ordinance like this that will impact small businesses without seeking alternatives to support the businesses,” said Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez.

News4SanAntonio reports that local police are considering alternative truck parking areas if the city moves ahead with the parking ban.

A previous version of the ordinance introduced last fall would have banned truck parking on all San Antonio city streets between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.


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