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Trucker provides interesting list of cities to avoid


A truck driver provides a very unique list of cities to avoid driving through in this short video. 

In the clip, a man with a microphone asks a trucker where he hates going in the truck, which gets the driver started on an interesting little rant. 

“Man, I got like 5 places,” he starts. 

“Louisville, Kentucky…. Low bridges,” hs starts. Then continues with “Nashville, Tennessee – Potholes,” and ends the list of cities with “Atlanta, Georgia… Everybody thinking they too fast too furious.”

Then, the list starts to shift from cities to avoid, to more general areas. 

“I don’t like… no nobody like the northeast,” he continues with no explanation needed. But the next place he mentions is what leaves a little room for speculation. 

“Minnesota is another headache, too.” With that, the video cuts off.

“What the hell did Minnesota do?” laughed one viewer. 

“Names a few cities, then then a whole region followed by the whole state of Minnesota,” adds another. 

What cities did he miss? We can think of a few obvious ones…


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