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Video proof of how a safe following distance can save a life


A driver’s safe following distance potentially saved the life of a fellow trucker in this dash cam video filmed in Illinois. 

In the clip, a truck driver is crossing the Des Plaines River bridge on Interstate 80 in Joliet, Illinois when another driver jacknifes on the bridge. The rig knocks into another truck in the left lane before landing completely turned around facing the filming driver. 

“An analysis of the physics of this accident suggests to me he was empty,” the filming driver wrote in the caption. 

“There was an Illinois HP car on the left out of view until you crested the bridge. My thinking is he over-braked upon seeing the full-grown with his lights on. Pavement was wet but not saturated. A combination of my reflexes, the disc brakes I bought on this truck, and being fanatical about maintaining a safe following distance saved this driver’s life today.”

“Fellows I’m still quite shaken up over this,” he continued. 

“I’ve got little to add other than to beseech each and every one of you to be mindful of your following distance and conditions. Be safe, brothers and sisters. Make it home alive. It can all happen so fast.”

Watch the video for a quick lesson on the importance of safe driving and safe following distance, below.

I saved another driver’s life today
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