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Truck driver recognized for achieving five million safe miles


An Iowa-headquartered trucking company recently recognized one of their drivers for achieving five million safe miles.

On December 13, Cedar Rapids-based trucking company West Side Transport recognized truck driver Thornton Dixon for five million miles driven without an accident.

West Side Transport hosted an event at the company’s Cedar Rapids headquarters to formally recognize Dixon for his remarkable safety achievement.

Dixon has been in trucking for fifty years and has driven for West Side Transport since 1981.

West Side Transport says that Dixon was also recognized this year as Master Driver of the Year by the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

“He is truly an amazing person and member of the West Side Transport Team. To put this into perspective, the average person drives 14,200 miles a year. In order to reach the amount of miles Thornton has, it would take us over 350 years to reach 5 million miles. That is taking out the fact that he has accomplished this without having a single preventative incident or accident!” the company said in a social media post.


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