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Watch as trucker brake checks car for a good cause


Trucker brake checks car for a very good reason in this video clip captured by a motorist driving behind the interaction. 

In the video, a bobtail rig pulls up next to a moving sedan and keeps pace with it before finally pulling in front of it. The rig then brake checks the car, appearing as if he is trying to cause an accident. The two vehicles come to a stop on the roadway. 

The motorist then storms out of his car and aggressively approaches the trucker as he steps out of his rig, all while his female passenger watches. The motorist grabs the trucker by his jacket, but the driver quickly calms the man down, takes him by the hand, and shows him the reason for his bizarre behavior: A purse sitting on the roof of the car. 

The two men then shake hands and continue on their way. 

Watch the good (albeit, potentially dangerous) deed below. 


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