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WATCH: Trucker passing under bridge has a surprise issue


Trucker passing under bridge has an unexpected issue unrelated to the height of his load in this dash cam clip. 

In the video, the truck driver is traveling beneath some overpasses on FM 35 at IH30 in Royse City, Texas when an unexpected issue arises. 

Suddenly, another rig comes out of nowhere, plows down the embankment from the roadway above, and passes right in front of the filming truck. The out of control rig then rolls up the opposite embankment before coming to a stop with the trailer blocking the roadway. 

“Bridge height is not the problem,” reads the video caption. “hope he’s okay.” 

Luckily, the driver sustained only minor injuries, but a reason behind the crash has not been released, reported My Texas Daily.

“I read the other day that people often pull the steering wheel to the left when they have a heart attack on the road (vs. pulling to the right when falling asleep). That seems like a likely explanation,” wrote one viewer. 

Bridge height is not the problem…
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