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VIDEO: Van Gets Rear Ended By Big Rig

Watch from a four wheeler driver's perspective as a big rig rear ends him at a red light, sending him crashing into the pickup...

VIDEO: Big Rig Rear Ends Another Truck

Watch from inside the cab as a truck pulled over on the shoulder of the road is rear ended by another truck. Both drivers...

VIDEO: Man Uses Big Rig To Propose To Girlfriend

In this video, a man uses a big rig as the centerpiece of his sweet proposal to his girlfriend. Video Credit: Truck Drivers U.S.A

Stolen Big Rig Chase And Standoff Ends With Arrest

An hour-long police pursuit of a stolen big rig ended in a SWAT team standoff and an arrest in Texas this afternoon. The incident started when...

VIDEO: Fallen Trucker’s 18 Wheeler Funeral Procession

Watch as cameras catch these truck drivers honoring their fallen brother with a procession on River Road in Des Plaines, Illinois. Video Credit: Todor Krecu

VIDEO: Big Rig Videos Light Show Compilation

If you like beautiful trucks lit up against the night sky, this light show compilation video from Big Rig Videos is for you! https://youtu.be/86AEFvTlSCk Video Credit: BigRig...

VIDEO: Students Take Big Rigs To Prom

After deciding that limos weren't good enough for their dates, a group of students from Fort Kent picked up their dates for prom in...

VIDEO: Grandfather Pulls Kid’s Loose Tooth With Truck

Who needs the old fashioned door knob method for removing a loose tooth when your grandpa has a big rig? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOgVtZUiuBc Source Karen Robison

Movie: “Big Rig” A Documentary About The American Truck Driver

If you haven't seen the documentary "Big Rig," check it out now. It's awesome!

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