California Carrier Ordered To Pay $300K Fine To CARB

Is it cheaper for these companies to pay the fines or to pay to meet standards?

Reefer Carrier Receives 300K Fine For CARB Violations

The first carrier to challenge CARB went to court. How did it turn out?

California Trucking Group Fights CARB Emission Standards

A trucking group vows to continue to fight the California Air Resources Board and their 2010 emissions standards in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. They have an uphill battle, however.

CARB Announces New Electric Standby, Hybrid System Guidelines

Get the information you need to know about CARB.

Michelin Tire Retreads Now SmartWay Compliant

California eases some regulation on tires from Michelin. Is your truck compliant?

Aerodynamic Trailer Company Receives WSJ Award

ATDynamics TrailerTail can reduce aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph.

CARB Compliance On Trailer Aerodynamics Under Fire

Read about fines for truckers who cross into California without SmartWay verified aerodynamic devices such side skirts or boat tail fairings that improve fuel economy.

CARB Blitz A Success, Air Board Says

"ARB staff inspected 4,053 trucks at roughly 40 locations throughout the state during August, noting an overall compliance rate of more than 80 percent."

CARB Under Fire in Clean Fuels Case

Industry advocates say that CARB fuel standards are grossly unfair to businesses that are regulated by other states. Hearing begins this week.

How the New CARB Fuel Regulations Work for Truck Drivers

What do the CARB 2012/2013 Pollution Regulations mean for small carriers and Owner Operators?

Higher Fuel Prices On The Way In California

Find out how much fuel prices are projected to rise in California and who may benefit from the emissions cap.

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