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Aerodynamic Trailer Company Receives WSJ Award


TrailerTail Company Wins Technology Award The Wall Street Journal has awarded ATDynamics with the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the Transportation category for its TrailerTail(R) line of rear-drag aerodynamic technologies. ATDynamics is the leading supplier of tractor-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology.

ATDynamics was the chosen winner out of  536 companies from more than 2 dozen countries.

According to a press release, “ATDynamics TrailerTail is a lightweight, thermoplastic composite fairing installed at the back of a tractor-trailer to streamline airflow behind the trailer, reducing aerodynamic drag and reducing fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph. Using a patented origami folding design, TrailerTails collapse automatically out of the way when a driver opens the rear doors of a semi-trailer to access cargo. The devices can be installed by two people in less than one hour and are available for new trailers or retrofits. Drivers can collapse TrailerTails against the rear doors of a semi-trailer to eliminate additional vehicle length in high traffic areas.”

“ATDynamics is proud to be recognized by the Wall Street Journal for the company’s success in redefining the shape of the modern semi-trailer,” said Andrew Smith, clean technology entrepreneur and Founder of ATDynamics. “The rapid deployment of TrailerTails on the most fuel efficient trucking fleets in North America has set a world-wide example for aerodynamic trailers. TrailerTail technology is poised to save the global trucking industry $80 billion over the next decade and offset the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of four million passenger vehicles.”

A team of 172 independent judges from venture-capital firms, universities and companies were selected by the Wall Street Journal to find the most innovative product.

A complete list of winners can be found here.

TrailerTail: Good for America from TrailerTail on Vimeo.



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