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Illinois State Police arrested a truck driver on drug trafficking charges after finding a large amount of suspected cocaine/fentanyl during a routine roadside CMV inspection.
A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner of Maximum Services Inc. in Island Lake, Illinois appeared in a Chicago...

VIDEO: “A Witness That Doesn’t Lie”

When motorists try to pin the blame for an intersection crash on a truck driver, his trusty dash cam shows what actually happened and...

VIDEO: Just A Little Off The Side

A minivan appears to fail to yield to a FedEx truck and winds up with a side scrape.

VIDEO: Van Driver Who Can’t See Trucks Will At Least Feel This One

A clueless van driver comes to a stop at an intersection, decides to ignore the gigantic big rig barreling his way, and pays the...

VIDEO: Red Light Running Box Truck Takes Out Jeep

A Jeep gets spun out in the intersection by a box truck that appears to be running a red light.  

VIDEO: Evasive Maneuver Prevents Semi Vs. Pickup T-Bone Crash

A near miss at a treacherous intersection leaves a trucker and a pickup truck driver shaken but unharmed. From the YouTuber: "Truck failed to clear...

VIDEO: Cement Truck Topples After Left Turn

A cement truck driver lost control in an intersection and nearly wiped out a pedestrian when his truck overturned near a gas station in...

VIDEO: Garbage Truck Collides With Van In Intersection

A hard intersection collision caught on CCTV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnMUERt0h9I Video Credit: Dan Low

VIDEO: Right Turn Gone Wrong

Things do not go according to plan when a truck attempts a right turn in an intersection. https://youtu.be/fZDj4sJxTlE Video Credit: cosxcam

VIDEO: Oversized Load Mangles Traffic Light

A truck transporting a long pipe has a tough time at this intersection and winds up demolishing a traffic light. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9-glO-gdOY Video Credit: Rollin Luis Zapata

VIDEO: Dump Truck Gives Four Wheeler A Helpful Push

Watch as a dump truck pushes a car through an intersection, then keeps going like nothing happened. The four wheeler also appears simply to...

VIDEO: Dump Truck Plows Into Suburban In Intersection

According to police, the dump truck in this video ran a red light and crashed into a Suburban in Prince Albert on June 7....

VIDEO: Day Cab Vs. OTR Truck Intersection Fail

Watch as a day cab puts itself in a precarious position with an 18 wheeler as the two trucks try to navigate a left...

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