Tag: Traffic

VIDEO: Car Tries To Squeeze By Truck

Turned the car into a pinball.

VIDEO: Road Rage Incident Brushes Oncoming Traffic

Road rage incident on Feb. 21 in Perth, Australia, nearly crosses over into oncoming traffic.

VIDEO: Insane Driver Drifts Vehicles In Busy City

This crazy driver has no concern for anyone on the road but himself. Watch as he dodges in and out of oncoming traffic while speeding.

VIDEO: Truck Can’t Stop On Icy Road In Time

Add stalled traffic, snowy roads and a swiftly moving truck, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

VIDEO: Epic 125-Mile Traffic Jam

What's the longest you've ever been stuck sitting in a traffic jam?

VIDEO: Three-Year-Old Rides Scooter Into Busy Intersection

A brave three-year-old takes a joy ride on his motorized scooter, straight into on-coming traffic.

Google Driver-Free Car Licensed in Nevada

Nevada just cleared the first driver-free car from Google to hit the roads. What's next? A driver-free Truck?

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