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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Pain in the Neck

Pain in the neck: Volvo commercial shows how much long haul trucking can hurt

A new ad spot from Volvo Trucks highlights the physical toll that trucking takes on the body.
Bobtail Crash

Bobtail truck loses control, bangs into dash cammer

A truck driver tries to avoid slowed traffic in the right lane but winds up losing control and crashing into a car in the far left lane in this dash cam clip.

Trucker takes the shoulder to avoid what could’ve been a bad crash

A truck driver has a close call when another semi truck pulls out in front of him on a Texas roadway in this dash cam video.
Truck Spills Tires

Truck spills tires on Texas freeway

A driver captured video of a situation that could en-tire-ly mess up a truck driver's day.

Trucker documents tornado devastation at Nashville terminal

A truck driver shared video of the severe damage caused by powerful tornadoes at his Nashville truck terminal early this morning.

Truckers use horns to sound ‘Mayday’ message — S.O.S. — in D.C.

Truckers across the country are taking part in "Mayday" protest activities intended to raise public awareness about issues like low rates and unfair broker practices.

Corvette drifts under semi trailer, ‘Fast & Furious’ style

A Corvette driver tries to recreate one of the most iconic scenes from the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise in this video clip.

Trucker saves car driver from himself in spite of dumb driving maneuver

Caught on dash cam -- an alert trucker is just barely able to prevent what could have been an injury or fatal crash with a reckless motorist.

Hummer haul goes really wrong on dash cam video

A pickup driver's attempt to haul a Hummer goes very wrong in this dash cam clip.

Here is yet another lesson on the importance of avoiding trucker’s blind spots

A semi truck overturned after colliding with another vehicle in an unfortunate merging situation.  The collision occurred on Thursday, October 22nd west of Lakeland, Florida.  According...

Truck driver’s terrifying off road excursion caught on dash cam

In this startling dash cam clip, a truck driver veers off the road and drives through several trees and a field before coming to a stop.

VIDEO: Trucker helps out cop (and himself)

In this dash cam clip, a truck driver gets out to help a police officer with a disabled vehicle to get the road clear for himself and other vehicles.

VIDEO: Snowed-in flatbedder gets a tow from a surprisingly helpful pickup

A snowed-in flatbed truck got a helping hand from a pickup in this surprising clip.  With all the snowstorms this week, it’s not surprising some drivers got snowed in...

VIDEO: Police ask drivers to move over after semi nearly takes out squad car

The Galesburg, Illinois, Police Department has shared dash cam video of a close call with a semi truck to try to persuade drivers to move over for emergency vehicles.
Local Farmer Helps Oversized Load Driver

Watch a local farmer give an oversized load driver a little help up a...

An Ohio farmer with a tractor gives a trucker hauling an oversized load a little helping hand up a hill in this heartwarming video clip.
Barely avoids pileup

Trucker *barely* avoids pileup by taking the shoulder

A semi truck driver is caught on camera taking evasive action to avoid what could have been a very serious pileup crash.
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