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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Big rig takes a wild ride through the median

A truck driver manages to make a big time save after drifting into the median of a roadway in this video clip.

Pups ‘help’ with strapping a load in adorable video

A few hard-working dogs are on hand to help out with strapping down a load of hay in this short but sweet video clip.

Dash cam puts you behind the wheel of a truck blown over by a...

The Florida Highway Patrol shared dash cam video captured inside of a box truck that was blown over during a possible tornado.

Car veers into semi, causes wiggle wagon wipeout

A semi truck driver does a remarkable job of minimizing the damage after a car suddenly swerves at him on a Georgia interstate, causing a major crash. The video...

Dump truck drift gets points for style

A dump truck driver displays some impressive driving skills as he drifts into position to be loaded at a work site.

Trucker squeezes into super tight spot for protection from tropical storm

A trucker hauling an empty container nudges his vehicle into a tight spot at a North Carolina truck yard to try to protect the truck from being blown over during a major storm.

Man hangs onto truck traveling at highway speed in Colorado

A man clings to the back of a box truck as it travels on a Colorado interstate in this viral video.

Pain at the pump – truck driver forgets to set his brakes

A truck driver forgot to set his brakes after fueling at a Love's truck stop. The truck rolled down a slight hill and into a building. ...

I don’t know what this truck/motorcycle hybrid is but I want one

A social media user recently shared viral video of a very patriotic, very unique custom ride. The video was shared last week by Jayson Luber Traffic Guy, a...

‘No police, no delivery’: Trucking co. owner tells Fox News his drivers won’t deliver...

On Wednesday, the owner of an Illinois trucking company appeared on a popular cable news show to talk about steps that he is taking to keep his employees safe.

Maryland motorists film as tractor trailer is blown over in gut-churning video

A truck toppled due to wind on the Maryland bridge this morning, and a family in a passenger vehicle following the truck filmed and called police to provide assistance.

Truck driver has a tough time in ambulance bay

A social media user captured cringe-inducing footage of a truck driver who got an unwanted shower while making a tight turn in an ambulance bay. The video was...

Truck driver sentenced for wrong way fatal DUI crash

A Utah semi truck driver has been sentenced to prison following a crash that killed a 72 year old woman in Nebraska earlier this year.

Here’s the story behind that viral video of a Florida man’s wild semi ride

Over the weekend, thousands of people around the world watched and shared a bizarre video featuring a bloody and scantily-clad man clinging to the hood of a semi truck -- and here's how it happened.

Truck driver shares personal videos of how ‘COVID almost took me out’

Truck driver, Alex Mai, took to social media to tell the story of his close call with COVID-19. Mai posted about his symptoms and experience on his Youtube page...

Rogue truck tires bash into business in wild video

Security cameras were rolling when a semi truck lost part of an axle and tires over the weekend.
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