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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Trucker's clever solution

Trucker’s clever unloading hack goes viral

A video clip highlighting a truck driver's ingenious trick for unloading his truck by himself has gone viral.

Trucker says he’ll ‘never talk smack’ again after loaded semi saved by a pickup

Watch as a group of grateful truckers struggling to get up an icy hill during a snow storm get a little help from a pickup truck driver.
Bizarre Road Rage Exit

Man flees from fight by hopping on semi truck side steps in bizarre video

A California man jumped onto a moving semi truck that was headed for the highway in an attempt to get out of an altercation with another man in a now viral video.

Chilling footage shows semi suddenly jacknifing during snowstorm

A motorist following a semi truck in a snowstorm captured hair-raising dash cam video of the moment that winter weather sent the truck driver skidding off of the road unexpectedly.
"Historic super load" begins four day journey

Historic ‘super load’ begins four day journey

Authorities in Alberta say that a gigantic industrial tower which is the "heaviest load ever" to travel on their roadways is currently on the move to a new location thanks to a group of heavy haul experts.

The internet loves this trucker who blindside-backed-up doubles

A video featuring a trucker's blindside backing job has left the internet amazed and a little envious of the driver's trucking talent.

People are really amused by this pickup hauling a full-size semi trailer

A surprised motorist captures a Ford pickup truck doing the work of one of its heavy duty bigger brothers. 

Road rager risks his life to challenge fully loaded cattle truck — twice

A semi truck driver's dash cam video features a road rage confrontation with a motorist that could have easily ended in serious injury ... or worse.

Trailer jockey helps rookie trucker ‘struggling with the basics’

A trailer jockey is taken aback by how much a new driver seems to be confused by the basics of trucking in this unnerving video.
Pilot lands on I-20

Pilot lands on highway, ‘relieves himself’ on side of road

Just moments after making an emergency landing on an busy interstate in Alabama, a relieved student pilot steps off the shoulder of the roadway for a bathroom break.
See a clueless BMW driver pay the price for a no-look lane change -- from three different angles

See a clueless BMW driver pay the price for a no-look lane change

A BMW driver gets an instant driving lesson after apparently crossing three lanes without looking -- right into the path of a semi truck.

Troopers hunt for ‘hit and run’ trucker — but was he really at fault?

After Minnesota State Police (MSP) released dash cam video to the public in hope of finding a truck driver who was involved in a collision with a squad car, many social media users say that the trooper's driving caused the crash.
A comedian shares his brutally honest take on tow truck drivers

A comedian shares his brutally honest take on tow truck drivers

Whether you've worked in the towing industry -- or if you're a semi truck driver who has ever been unlucky enough to need to call a tow truck --  we think you'll appreciate this comedian's no-holds-barred video that shows a little love to the towing community.
Get a closer look at what it takes to move a 200 ton transformer

Get a closer look at what it takes to move a 200 ton transformer

If you're a fan of super-heavy hauling, you've got to take a look at this in-depth dive into what it takes to move a transformer weighing more than 200 tons.
Watch as tires explode while trucker is under big rig battling a blaze

Close call: Semi truck tires explode while trucker tries to put out flames

A Utah trooper is being praised for helping a trucker whose big rig caught fire, causing violent tire explosions, earlier this month.

Trucker escapes without injury before train barrels into truck

The moment that a stuck truck was hit hard by a train in Texas this week was caught on camera by a passerby.

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