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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Trucker Skincare Tips

Here are some skincare tips truckers need to know

Here are a few skincare tips from the folks at DST UKN to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the trucker lifestyle.
Kansas Turnpike

Trucker takes a wild ride after passing trooper

A Kansas Highway Patrol officer captured hair-raising dash cam footage of a semi truck losing control on an icy roadway.
Pierre bridge

Cattle hauler can’t moo-neuver under low bridge

A livestock hauler was caught on camera crashing into a South Dakota bridge earlier this week.

Wyoming troopers share wild two truck crash video

The Wyoming Highway Patrol shared dash cam video of a two truck crash that occurred on a slick roadway on I-25 near Kaycee.
Cable Barrier

Cable barrier to the rescue in gut-churning dash cam video

A truck driver shared dash cam video of a terrifying close call on a Wyoming highway.
Merging Cop

Trucker has a very close encounter with a cop in dash cam clip

A truck driver has his dash cam rolling when he is cut off by a merging police cruiser.

Trucker takes the shoulder to avoid what could’ve been a bad crash

A truck driver has a close call when another semi truck pulls out in front of him on a Texas roadway in this dash cam video.
Xmas Truck

Twinkling truck will get you in the holiday spirit

Check out a video sent in by CDLLife reader Travis featuring a truck that is decked out for Christmas!
Top 10 Trucker Eats

Top 10 trucker eating spots ranked in new video

One of the best parts about trucking is that you get to try all kinds of different food from all over the country -- but are you missing out on some hidden gems?

Trucker plays Santa for kids of Celadon drivers

A trucker explains how the driving community can come together to support the families of former Celadon truck drivers.
Sailboat Fuel

Trucker has perfect answer for cop who asked ‘What’re you hauling?’

A trucker has a little fun at a police officer's expense during a roadside inspection.
Colorado Springs I-25

Extreme winds were way too much for parked truck

A storm chaser in Colorado captured stomach-churning video of a parked truck succumbing to the force of high winds.
I-95 Rest Area

Trucker helps out fellow driver stuck in slush

A news station was on hand to film one trucker giving another a helping hand during a tough winter weather situation.

Ever wonder what trucking in the Caves is like? Check this out.

A trucker takes viewers on a video tour of the Caves and Terminal in Springfield, Missouri.
Route 8

Wrong way car plows into semi truck on Ohio highway in dash cam video

A motorist's dash cam captured terrifying footage of a wrong way multi-vehicle crash that happened on an Ohio highway this week.

Reckless car driver attempts tight squeeze between two semi trucks

A motorist attempts an ill-advised pass between two trucks on a California highway in this dash cam clip.

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