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Freightliner new Cascadia

The ‘Freightliner new Cascadia’ can steer, accelerate, and brake without any help from you

This week Daimler debuted North America's first "Level 2" automated truck in Las Vegas.
California Meal Rest Break Ruling

Eight states form partnership to help truckers find parking

A group of midwestern states are launching a new system to give truck drivers access to real time information about truck parking availability through their smart phones.
Residents of this town are fighting back against driverless vehicles with guns, knives, and rocks

Local residents using ‘extreme measures’ to keep driverless cars off their roads

Townspeople in an Arizona city are reportedly using extreme measures to try to keep driverless vehicles off of their roads.
Major ELD manufacturer shutting down for good

Major ELD manufacturer is shutting down for good

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) manufacturer that enticed truckers to buy with the promise of "no monthly fees" is closing down its operation.

Feds test facial recognition technology to cut down on semi truck traffic at border

Authorities are launching a new pilot program at the U.S./Canada border that officials hope will ease long wait times with the use of facial recognition technology.

These Are the Top 5 Best CB Radios for Truckers

We did the research for you.
Tesla buys trucking companies to speed up deliveries

Tesla buys unknown number of trucking companies to speed up deliveries

Tesla founder Elon Musk says that he has made major acquisitions in trucking in order to ease the "delivery logistics hell" of getting customers their Model 3s on time.

Company tries self-driving semi in heavy rain. Here’s how it turned out.

"Yes, but how will it handle in the real world?" is the first question many truckers ask when they hear about the latest advancements in self-driving truck technology.
Drivers who carry -- check out this quick draw holster

Drivers who carry — check out this quick draw holster

If you're a trucker who carries a firearm for protection, take a look at this holster designed to give drivers quick access to their weapons.
Volvo Emissions

Volvo issues warning about emissions systems

This week, Volvo Group issued a warning that an emissions control component used in North American trucks "is degrading more quickly than expected."
Uber Freight announces innovative reimagination of the trailer pool system

Uber Freight announces “innovative reimagination of the trailer pool system”

Today Uber Freight announced a partnership with a new trailer rental service that they say will cut down on wait times for both drivers and shippers.
REPORT- Navistar accused of causing engine nightmare

REPORT: Navistar accused of causing engine nightmares

An investigative report from Chicago news station CBS2 looks at how Navistar engine  problems are reportedly affecting small businesses.
Japanese company wants to fight driver shortage with flying trucks

Japanese company wants to fight “driver shortage” with flying trucks

This week, a Japanese company announced that it is partnering with an American helicopter manufacturer to develop a driverless "flying truck" designed to combat perceived labor shortages in the trucking industry.

VIDEO: Get a look at the new Kenworth W990

Kenworth has released their new W990 model and you can get a closer look at the interior and exterior of the truck in this promotional video.
Elon Musk Car Carrier Trailer

Elon Musk blames “extreme shortage” of car carrier trailers for Tesla Model 3 delivery...

Tesla founder Elon Musk has many people within the trucking industry scratching their heads after he blamed slow distribution of the Tesla Model 3 on a shortage of car carrier trailers.
Almost 7,000 semi trucks recalled for defects that could cause crashes

Over 11,000 Kenworths recalled for defect that may prevent driver from being warned about...

Thousands of Kenworth trucks have been recalled for a defect that could result in engine failure or a crash.

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