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10 Health Tricks You Might Want To Know


shutterstock_813700541. Can’t hear? – Lean in with the correct ear.

The right ear is better than the left at following rapid speech rhythms in a conversational situation. However, the left ear is better at picking up and identifying musical tones.

2. Scratch your ear if you have a tickle in your throat.

When the inner ear nerves are stimulated, there is a reflexive muscle spasm that occurs in your throat, according to ear, nose, and throat specialist – Scott Schaffer, M.D., “This spasm relieves the tickle.”

3. Cough to experience painless injections.

According to some German researchers, coughing while receiving an injection or a shot could lessen the pain of the needle poking into you. A cough can cause a quick rise in pressure in both the chest and spinal canals, which hinders the structures in the spinal cord which conduct pain. – Just cross your fingers that the medical professional administering the shot has good aim!

4. Sleep on your left side to prevent heartburn or acid reflux.

According to studies, left-side sleepers experience symptoms like heartburn or acid reflux less often. When sleeping on the right side, the stomach lies higher than the esophagus, and as a result allows food and stomach acid to make it’s way up your throat, the reverse causes stomach contents to slide in the opposite direction.

5. Got a side ache? – Fix it!

When running, most people tend to exhale when their right foot hits the ground. This apples a downward pressure to the liver, and tugs on the diaphragm. If you do the reverse, and exhale when the left foot hits the ground – it should fix the problem.

6. Clear your stuffy nose.

According to Michigan State University college of osteopathic medicine assistant professor, Lisa DeStefano, D.O., repeatedly pushing your tongue against the roof of the mouth, and pressing between the eyebrows with one finger causes a bone running through the nasal passage to the mouth to rock back and forth. This loosens the congestion, and triggers sinus drainage.

7. Have a toothache? – Rub your hand.

Rubbing an ice cube on the v-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger on the back of the hand can reduce the pain of a toothache by as much as 50%. The nerve pathways in that area of the hand block pain signals from the face to the hands.

8. Stop a burn blister from blistering.

Clean the burned area, and apply light pressure the the burn with ice. This will relieve the pain, and bring the burned skin back to a normal temperature – making a blister less-likely.

9. Thaw a brain freeze!

The nerves in the mouth are able to get extremely cold, which can fool your body into thinking that your brain is freezing also! – Applying pressure to the roof of the mouth with your tongue (while covering as much area as you can) can help the headache to subside.

10. Wake your sleeping limbs.

Hate that feeling you get after your legs, feet, or hands fall asleep? Rocking your head from side to side can stop the pins and needles-type pain in less than a minute, due to the release in pressure that happens when you loosen your neck muscles.


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