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15 Simple Weight Loss Tricks


shutterstock_7670236It’s not easy to be proactive when it comes to weight loss when you’re constantly out on the road, focused on making appointment times, and exhausted at the end of the day. Check out this list of 20 simple changes you can make throughout the days to help lose weight!

1. Stock Up Your Mini Fridge

It seems pricey to do at the time, but if you’ve got a mini fridge in your truck – it definitely makes sense to stock it up before you hit the road so that you can avoid getting slapped with truck stop prices, or paying the price to eat out.

2. Snack Throughout The Day

Skipping breakfast and lunch just to have a large dinner can have a majorly bad effect on the body – such as slowing down it’s metabolism or causing a delayed insulin response, putting you at risk for diabetes. Do yourself a favor, don’t skip a healthy breakfast or lunch meal, and snack healthfully (and within moderation) in between.

3. Cruise The Isles Before You Buy

Cruise those isles and resolve to make healthy choices before you fill your arms with those delicious unhealthy snacks. Try to gravitate towards healthy options, fruits, salads with light dressings, and sandwiches. Try your best to avoid additives.

4. Eat Lots Of Fiber and Protein

Protein and fiber are both vitally important to your health, and both can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. Protein helps you to stay satisfied longer, as can fiber!

5. Slow Down

The slower you chew, the quicker you’ll fill up. If you eat rapidly, your stomach won’t be able to register how full you are. – Plus you’ll enjoy your meals!


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