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Bus Driver Fired Over Standing Up For Hungry Student On Facebook


On May 21st in Haralson County, a student told bus driver, Johnny Cook that he had gone hungry that day because he had been short 40 cents on his lunch account. That night, Cook wasn’t able to get the issue off of his mind, so he decided to publicly post the story along with his phone number saying, “the next time we have a kid at the register for 40 cent and we can’t feed him. please call me. I’ll scrape up the money.”

Right away, his post received almost 200 likes, and the next day he was called in for a meeting with Haralson County Middle School’s superintendent. In that meeting, he was given only two options: To apologize for his actions, or to be terminated from his position as a bus driver.

Cook stood his ground saying, “I felt like in my heart of hearts the kid was telling the truth… So I was not going to recant the story.” Johnny Cook was terminated, and his post has received over 155,000 shares.

School authorities claim that the incident “didn’t happen” – and that he would have been offered a bagged lunch. However, the middle schooler that claimed to have gone hungry that day stuck to his story when approached about the incident.





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