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French Truck Stop Food


francejpg-de7acabd58f31d0eHave you ever wondered about truck stop eats in other countries? According to Andy Pag, writer for OregonLive – France is the place to be for truck stop food.

Andy encountered fresh, lefty green salads, wine, cheese, and fresh baguettes! – Could you imagine? He also mentioned roast chicken and stake tartare! These truck stops are referred to as Relias Routiers, and there are 1,600 of them in France (however, there has been a decline – as there were 3,500 of them 20 years ago). Drivers have been visiting them for decades!

Unfortunately, due to tougher restrictions relating to alcohol consumption, satellite tracking, and busy schedules – many of these little truck stops are dying due to the fact that they are less accessible then chain restaurants, and that many drivers are eating in their trucks as opposed to stopping.




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