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Truck Driver Songs: LeLand Martin “Shake a Truck Drivers Hand”


Crank up the laptop or mobile device for another great episode of Truck Driver Songs. We love looking back at all the excellent examples of great trucking tunes for you to listen to during down time. This week, it’s another country classic.

This week’s song is also a song shout out to truckers from a former truck driver himself, LeLand Martin.

Although Martin keeps that classic feel to most of his breezy country ballads, he’s a modern thoroughbred entertainer. Martin’s debut album appeared in 1998 and gave country fans a real taste of how the radio waves used to sound like back in the AM days.

His style incorporates lots of balladry, honky tonk, narratives and lapsteel guitar to create a sense of yesteryear that traditional country fans love to revisit over and over.

The idea behind Shake a Truck Driver’s Hand is that drivers don’t get thanked enough (at least in person) for doing what they do to keep America rolling. This song is a direct thank you right through your speakers.

Enjoy, truck drivers!


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