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Virginia Attorney General Helps Trucker Put Out Fire


Trucker HELPED by Politician?
Is it possible that this politician has somehow HELPED a truck driver?

We now turn to Richmond, Virginia to cover a story that seems to indicate that a politician may have actually helped a truck driver during the work day. Eyewitness reports are still coming in, but this does seem to be the case…

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was driving home during the evening on January 18th, when he noticed a truck hauling a flatbed trailer with an awful-smelling smoke coming from its rear. At that point, the truck driver was not yet aware of the problem, so Cuccinelli had his driver pull up right next to the cab and signal the trucker about the hazard behind her. They both pulled over to the side of the highway, and Cuccinelli went back to the trailer to assess the problem.

By then, the entire rear of the trailer was in flames.

Cuccinelli helped the driver out of the cab of the truck and then went in search of a fire extinguisher. After finding one he instructed his driver to call for help while he ran to the back of the truck to help the driver put out the flames.

Cuccinelli said the truck’s flatbed trailer was in rough shape.

“It looked like her brakes locked up and one of the wheels was burning,” he said.

After extinguishing the fire, Cuccinelli and Chenard sat and waited with the driver until Louisa County emergency crews arrived. Cuccinelli said the driver was in serious pain from an injury unrelated to the fire. Louisa County Sheriffs also responded to the scene and confirmed Cuccinelli’s story. The driver did not need to be taken to the hospital.

Cuccinelli said the driver told him that she had no clue her trailer was on fire.

“Given where it was it was hidden from her view, you know, even in the side mirrors she couldn’t see flames,” he said.  “The flames were underneath.”

Cuccinelli never got the driver’s name, and the driver never knew the man that just helped her will probably be the next Governor of Virginia. Stay safe out there truck drivers!

This article was done using quotes from NBC12.com – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic


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