According to the Springfield News-Leader, John Hancock, a longtime executive at Prime was found dead yesterday, as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hancock’s ties to the trucking industry are long and strong. He began his career working as a night operations associate for Prime in 1986, from there he climbed the ranks serving as sales coordinator, fleet manager, and a driver training director.

In 2003 he was promoted to training and recruitment for Prime – in that position he was responsible for the training and placement of over 5,000 drivers.

In addition to his work with Prime, Hancock also served as a chairman on the executive board of the Missouri Trucking Association Executive Board of Directors, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce,the Missouri Safety Council, District Transportation Advisory Council; the American Trucking Association’s Labor and Policy, Safety Policy and Insurance Task Force Committees; the American Transportation Research Institute’s Research Advisory Committee and the Missouri Transportation Coalition.

Prime’s spokesperson declined to comment on Hancock’s death – out of respect for his family.

It is not currently known wether or not the gunshot wound was intentional.



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