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Website Review: Manage Your Allergies at Pollen.com


With more than 67 million Americans suffering from allergy symptoms, taking time off from work due to debilitating allergies such as hay fever is a growing problem facing American truckers today. There’s a website that forecasts pollen levels, allowing users to prepare accordingly and keep a clear head on the road.

Pollen.com is a comprehensive allergy tool and resource, calculating the allergen concentrations in your area based on your location and the seasonal weather conditions, then displaying it in an easy-to-read graph, similar to a weather forecast.

To get your local pollen forecast, enter your zip code in the search bar at the top of the webpage and the website will pull up local pollen levels for each day of the week with a complete list of mild, moderate and severe allergens that are floating in the air.

Also a resource for botany researchers, the website not only lists the current day’s predominant pollens that could threaten your work day such as grasses, plantain, chenopods, it also gives complete information on 1100 botanical species, including geographic and seasonal distribution, and county-level maps.

By signing up for a free membership, you have access to a “Custom Dashboard”, pollen levels in any given area in the last 90 days, and a personalized, custom allergy log to aid you in the identification and management of allergy symptoms.

Other features of the website include helpful information on allergy symptoms, the link between allergies and asthma, treatment options, allergy news articles, and morning alert e-mails when pollen conditions reach moderate levels, which is the point where most allergy suffers begin to experience symptoms.

Source: pollen.com


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