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ADOT’s Cameras Target Truckers, Ignore 4-Wheeler Violations


The Arizona Department of Transportation has added cameras mounted on towers on both sides of I-10 designed to monitor only commercial vehicles.

Cameras Look For Non-Compliant Trucks

The $7.5 million “Truck Screening Systems” technology works based off of sensors embedded in the road which weigh trucks and direct the cameras to take a photo. If there is a compliance issue with the truck, signage will direct the driver to report to a rest area for inspection.

ADOT assures the general public that non-commercial vehicles are not heavy enough to trigger the cameras, so they cannot be used to catch speeders.

ADOT Says Cameras Will Reduce the Number of Inspections

ADOT claims that the cameras are there to help truckers. They say that the cameras will allow compliant trucks to bypass inspection, since only non-compliant vehicles will be directed to rest areas for inspection. ADOT says this system will help truckers avoid unnecessary inspections and avoid congestion at rest areas.

The system is expected to be fully up and running within a month.

Here are the locations of the new Truck Screening Systems:

  • McGuireville Rest Area (Interstate 17 between Flagstaff and Camp Verde) technology operational in May 2015
  • Canoa Ranch Rest Area (Interstate 19 between Tucson and Nogales) technology operational in June 2015
  • Sacaton Rest Area (Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Casa Grande) technology operational in July 2015

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