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Gas Tanker Driver Arrested For DUI On His “First Day” Driving


A driver hauling 8500 gallons of gasoline told the California Highway Patrol that it was his first day driving for his company before being arrested for DUI.

According to a press release from CHP entitled “Disaster Averted,” the incident began on Northbound Highway 101 near Cloverdale. Police received multiple calls about a tanker truck driving erratically. The calls said the truck was weaving and nearly left the road.

When police caught up to 46-year-old Charles Foster after he exited the highway, he pulled his truck over on an exit ramp. Foster told CHP that it was his first day driving for a Ukiah-based trucking company and that he was headed to Cloverdale for a Dr. Pepper.

Police determined that Foster was under the influence of methamphetamine, pain killers, and a muscle relaxer.

Foster’s employer sent other drivers to recover the tanker truck.

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