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Are High Intensity Intervals The Key To Staying Fit On The Road For Truck Drivers?


One of the hardest things about being a truck driver is staying in shape while you are on the road. Long hours sitting behind the wheel make it hard for even the most fit-minded drivers to stay in shape just because there isn’t time to get in a full workout. Or is there?

Why Truck Drivers Should Consider High-Intensity Interval Training

When you’re a truck driver, your time is money. You don’t have the luxury of spending hours at the gym every day. But the time limitations of your job does not mean that you can’t be fit on the road. One of the major benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is that you can get the benefits of a whole workout in a fraction of the time.

How HIIT Works

The basics about a good HIIT workout? You’ll work out really hard but not for very long. When you do HIIT training, you alternate 20-30 seconds of extremely high-intensity activity like running or burpees with recovery periods of about 10 seconds to prepare your body for the next interval. The active intervals should feel extremely intense, but this is why HIIT is effective. You’ll reach a state that is close to your maximum heart rate while challenging your muscles at the same time. This double-duty style training allows you to get your workout done in about half the time you’d spend on a traditional workout. For truck drivers extremely pressed for time, Tabata style workouts can bring results and help you to achieve results all in one challenging 4 minute workout — but be prepared. It is brutal.

Take Care Before HIIT Workouts

While HIIT workouts may seem ideal for truck drivers looking to stay healthy while on the road, the intensity of the workouts mean that they are not for everyone. You should always talk to a doctor before you consider starting any new exercise regime, but if you’ve got heart issues or problems with your blood pressure, you should definitely get a physician’s approval before starting.

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