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Illegally Parked Trucks And Speeding May Be Blamed For Fiery Crash That Killed Three


Three young women were killed after their speeding Camaro lost control and crashed into an improperly parked 18 wheeler, causing a massive deadly fire.

Speeding Camaro Goes Airborne, Hits Truck, Bursts Into Flames

Police say that three women in their early 20s were travelling in a speeding Camaro on Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia just before 3 a.m. on Sunday when the crash occurred. The driver reportedly lost control and went airborne over the crest of a hill and then crashed into a parked truck. Both the car and the truck caught fire. A witness said that a lava-like substance that authorities believe was fuel flowed out of the truck and caused another parked 18 wheeler to catch on fire. The second truck leaked a powder herbicide.

Neither of the parked trucks were occupied.

Rescuers Unable to Free Women From Burning Car

An on-scene witness heard the women in the burning Camaro screaming for assistance, but the flames were too intense for him to get close enough to rescue them. He told reporters, “I just want the families to know, of whoever these victims are, this close to Christmas, that I tried. I tried to do everything I could to get them out of that vehicle. I tried. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t.

Police and firefighters say that they also tried to rescue the women, but were unable to get them out in time.

A hazmat team was called in to clean up the spilled herbicide and leaking fuel.

Residents Say Truckers Often Park on the Street In Spite of No Parking Signs

Investigators say that the trucks were parked illegally.

Residents say that there are no parking signs on the street, but that many truck drivers leave their rigs parked there overnight anyway. They also say speeding is common in the area and crashes are frequent because of how dark it is on Torresdale Avenue.

City officials are working to ban truck parking on Torresdale Avenue.

There have not been any charges or citations issued at this time.

Police are unsure whether alcohol was a factor in the Camero’s crash.

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