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Prosecution Says Ohio Truck Driver Is A Serial Killer


An Ohio truck driver who has been charged with the murder of five people has been declared a serial killer by the prosecution — who also say that he may have killed more people.

45-year-old Robert Rembert Jr. has already served 6 years for voluntary manslaughter in the 1997 shooting death of a 24-year-old man in a Cleveland parking lot.

Prosecution Suspects There May Have Been More Murders

But the prosecution says that Rembert is also responsible for killing four other people — one in 1997 and three this year. “Robert Rembert is a serial killer,” prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty declared during the indictment.

McGinty also suspects that Rembert may have been responsible for more killings: “An investigation of his activities as an over-the-road truck driver is currently under way.”

Truck Driver Accused Of Killing Four More

The other alleged 1997 murder occurred before the shooting death that Rembert already served time for. Rembert is accused of killing a female Regional Transit Authority bus driver, Rena Payne, in 1997 in an employee bathroom. The woman was beaten, raped, and choked to death. Rembert was employed by the same company and would have had the security codes to access the facility.

The second murder charge is for 31-year-old Kimberly Hall, who was found in a field in Cleveland beaten, raped, and strangled in June 2015. The last few calls on her cell phone were to Rembert.

The last two murder charges are in connection to the shooting deaths of 26-year-old Morgan Nietzel and 52-year-old Jerry Rembert. The two men were found dead of gunshot wounds in the home that they shared with Rembert. Jerry and Robert Rembert were cousins.

The day after Nietzel and Jerry Rembert were murdered, police arrested Robert Rembert as he was coming out of the showers at a truck stop close to Seville, Ohio. He was driving Nietzel’s car at the time of the arrest.

After the arrest, DNA evidence linked Rembert to the murders of Payne and Hall.

Murder And More: Charges Pile Up For Truck Driver.

Rembert is currently being held on a $1 million bond. In addition to the murder charges, Rembert is also facing charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and “gross abuse of a corpse”.

There is no word yet as to whether the prosecution will seek the death penalty.

Authorities know that he spent much of his time driving in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but they are looking for more information on his history as a trucker.


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