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Researchers: Common Energy Drink Could Prove Dangerous


A cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic is warning the public of the potential dangers of drinking “Rockstar Punched” energy drinks.

According to the study, just one 16 ounce can of Rockstar Punched left otherwise healthy adults (between the ages of 26 and 31) with higher blood pressure and a 74% increase in the stress hormone norepinephrine — which is closely linked to adrenaline.

Health experts worry that if healthy young adults experience such dramatic effects after drinking Rockstar Punched, older people or people who already have heart issues or cholesterol problems might be at risk of heart attacks or strokes.

The American Beverage Association says that worries about health risks associated with Rockstar Punched are unfounded: “The safety of energy drinks has been established by scientific research, as well as regulatory agencies around the globe.”

E.R. visits for energy drink-related illnesses doubled from 2007 to 2o11.

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