Eagle Eyed Trucker Helps Rescue Woman Trapped For 9 Hours In Flooded SUV

A Louisiana woman owes her life to a truck driver who spotted her overturned SUV in a canal on Tuesday.

The crash happened around 10:30 Monday night in Robert, Louisiana. The SUV driver, Cristina Coleman, crashed off of a bridge on U.S. 190 into the canal below. The SUV came to a rest upside down in the water.

At 7 a.m. on Tuesday, a Walmart truck driver who was passing through spotted the overturned SUV and contacted police. He also stopped his truck to try to help the woman.

Firefighters found Coleman alive and barely holding her head above water in the SUV. They were able to extract her from the SUV. Amazingly, Coleman was able to walk to the ambulance under her own power.

She told her rescuers she had been trapped in the water for nine hours.

Chief Nathan Sticker sent his appreciation to the truck driver, who remains unidentified.

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The Hammond Star

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