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Driver injured in hit-and-run while helping fellow trucker


Truck driver injured in hit-and-run while helping fellow trucker on side of Nebraska highway Monday night.

The accident happened on April 22nd at around 7 p.m. in Bellevue, Nebraska on Highway 75 near Childs Road. 

According to KETV 7, truck driver David Jackson was helping another trucker hook up his trailer on the side of the highway when tragedy struck. Jackson was collecting the traffic cones they had set out during the process and was struck by a passing Jeep. The force of the impact sent Jackson’s body skidding along the roadway and left him with serious injuries as the Jeep just kept driving

“I couldn’t feel my legs,” Jackson said. “I couldn’t look up to see what happened. I didn’t know. All I know is from my hip down, I was. I felt cold, numb, and I was laying there just waiting for traffic.”

“The scariest part was when you’re laying next to the rumble strips in the car and still going by and they don’t see you. That’s the scariest part because I could have hit, got hit twice,” he continued. 

“Now it’s a hit-and-run. You could have just stopped and made things a lot better just stopping.”

The Jeep left a few maroon fenders at the scene, giving police some information to work with, but so far they have no suspects. 

“I know my body didn’t break the fenders I guarantee the truck did,” Jackson said. “If you hit something, why don’t you stop?”

Jackson suffered two fractures in his lower left leg, a fractured, dislocated elbow, dislocated kneecap, and severe road rash – all of which will keep him from working, or walking, for at least the next four months. 

“I’m the main income for my house now,” Jackson said. “It’s totally gone and I don’t know where I’m going to see it again. I got four kids, a wife, me, mortgage, utilities, you know, truck trailer payment, car insurance, car payments. Now I got this on top of it.”

Jackson is urging the motorist to step forward, and wants to remind other motorists the importance of moving over. 

“If you’re driving, see flashers, slow down and move over,” Jackson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sarpy County Crimestoppers at 402-592-STOP (7867) or email [email protected]

If you would like to donate to Jackson’s GoFundMe, click here.


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