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Trucker Survives Dangerous Encounter With Armed Car Jacker


Police are searching for an armed suspect who car jacked and threatened to kill a truck driver on I-5 in Washington state early Wednesday morning.

Suspect Threatened To Kill Trucker, Flashed Fire Arms

According to police, the truck driver pulled into a truck stop in Chehalis to purchase fuel when he was approached by a white male who asked him for a ride to Portland. The driver refused, citing company policy that did not allow him to pick up passengers. The suspect showed the truck driver two pistols and threatened to kill him several times, according to reports.

Driver Runs For His Life From Car Jacker

The truck driver and the suspect began heading south on I-5. The truck driver, fearing for his life, decided to flee. He pulled the truck over, engaged the brakes and hazard lights, then ran west from the interstate until he reached a Toyota dealership in Kelso, where he collapsed, gasping for breath.

A janitor spotted the driver and called the police just before 3 a.m., thinking that he might be a burgler. Police initially handcuffed the driver before realizing that he was the victim of a crime.

Washington State Troopers and local police are currently investigating the incident and looking for the suspect.

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