The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued an out of service order to a Georgia based trucker who admitted to taking a Schedule II drug and then caused a multi-vehicle crash while under the influence of alcohol one month later.

According to a statement from the FMCSA, truck driver Christopher M. Speyrer was parked at a truck stop in Greenwood, Louisiana, in October 2016 when he called for emergency medical help. While in the ambulance, Speyrer reportedly told the ambulance workers that he had taken a Schedule II drug and that he had not slept in five days.

The FMCSA says that Speyrer continued to drive a truck after this incident.

Just over one month later on November 20, Speyrer was reportedly to blame for a multi-vehicle crash on I-64 in Virginia. He reportedly rear ended a passenger vehicle that had slowed for traffic and was later found guilty of DUI by a Virginia court.

Speyrer was issued the out of service order on March 10, 2017. The FMCSA has declared that Speyrer’s continued driving of a commercial motor vehicle “… substantially increases the likelihood of serious injury or death to you and the motoring public if not discontinued immediately.”

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