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Truckers descend on Washington to take a stand against regulations


This week, numerous truckers are taking part in protest activities in Washington, D.C. and throughout the U.S. as they ask lawmakers to take a stand against overregulation of the trucking industry.

Several groups of truckers have been planning a week of protest activities for the week of October 3 for months now.

ELD Or ME: Push From Truckers Builds Support For ELD Mandate Delay Bill

One of those groups, “ELD OR ME” is organized with help from singer Tony Justice. Today this group, which describes itself as “Anti-ELD”, appeared in Washington D.C. in order to meet with lawmakers about supporting HR 3282, a bill that would delay the implementation of the ELD Mandate by two years.

According to Justice, their efforts are already working — he says that they have added three new lawmakers to the list of cosponsors for HR 3282.

Operation Black and Blue

Another group run by Mike Gunney Faram has been planning a trucker protest under the name “Operation Black and Blue” for several months now. The main goals of Operation Black and Blue are to halt the ELD Mandate, to change current hours of service rules, and to have trucker’s voices heard during the process of regulation creation.

Here’s video of numerous trucks lined up for the Operation Black and Blue protest. In the video, Faram says that the line of truck is over three miles long.

CDLLife reader Adam Atwal was part of Operation Black and Blue. Here’s what he had to say about the week’s protest activities:
“We are all following mike gunney and his protest in DC. The main reason for our protest is accountability for shippers and receivers. Detention pay should be paid. The law should be made with drivers in mind. The ELD we don’t mind but give us flexibility in our HOS. We don’t want a fixed 14 hour clock.”

Operation Black and Blue

Operation Black and Blue

Other Drivers Are Shutting Down For The Week

Others who were unable to make it out to the protest showed their support by shutting down.

Here’s a Facebook photo from Stephen Johnson, who says that he’s shutting down for the week:

ELD Protest


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