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Truck driver’s 40 foot plunge off Kentucky overpass caught on body cam


A truck driver survived after falling forty feet off of a Kentucky overpass while allegedly resisting arrest — and the incident was captured on police body cam.

The incident took place in Bellevue, Kentucky, on December 5th.

Trucker Tries To Run From Cops, Trips, Falls Off Overpass

According to the Bellevue Police Department, 55 year old Florida-based truck driver Eugene Lydell was pulled over after he was spotted driving in the wrong direction on I-471. When police attempted to arrest Lydell for outstanding warrants, he denied having any warrants and resisted arrest, breaking free from police custody in an attempt to run away. That’s when he tripped and fell off of the overpass.

Though by all rights Lydell should have been seriously hurt by the fall, police say that he got up and ran away into a wooded area. When a police canine tracked him down, Lydell allegedly put the animal in a chokehold. Lydell claimed that the dog was biting him.

Lydell continued to resist arrest. In the body cam video, you can hear an officer telling the truck driver, “Hey, man, you need to stop rolling around. You just dropped about 40 feet, alright?

Police were finally able to get Lydell back under control using a taser.

He was arrested and taken to the hospital. He faces charges for resisting arrest.

Police Shocked That Trucker Survived Fall

After Lydell was safely back in police custody, you can hear one officer saying, “I thought he was dead. When we were looking over the side, he, he was — I mean, he fell over, and it was a flat smack right on his back. I don’t know how he’s still living.

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