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VIDEO: Idaho motorist learns the hard way to make sure traffic is clear


An SUV driver can’t seem to see an oncoming truck because of a flatbed making a turn — and pays the price for not making sure that traffic was clear.

The crash took place in Mountain Home, Idaho. It was captured on dash cam by YouTuber Justin Watkins. In the video, you can see that the SUV driver appears to be waiting for a flatbed truck to complete its turn onto the highway. The SUV driver clearly doesn’t notice the dash cammer’s semi, and the dash cammer simply has no time to react and nowhere to go.

Reddit user QuestionSeven writes, “As an Idaho resident and someone who drives the local roads and interstates of this state very often, the drivers in this state are just flat out awful!!! I’ve lived in Idaho 16 years and it’s so shocking how bad drivers are here because they’re so oblivious. It’s not bad drivers that are excessive speeding and tailgating, It’s more or less because they are just not aware that anything else is going on around them, not aware of the flow and speed of traffic. Just out for a Sunday drive every day of the week. I’ve seen slow, indecisive drivers cause a lot of butt clenching moments here in Idaho!”


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