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Wage issues mean that it is the best/worst time to be a driver


Charles Dickens once wrote the famous line – “It was the best of times, It was the worst of times” in his book A Tale of Two Cities. That same sentiment can be applied to wages in the transport industry.

Wages Going Up, But So Are The Challenges Facing Drivers

Industry experts predict that with increased demand for products to be shipped around the country and the trucking industry not having the trucks currently to move it, it could mean increased wages for drivers.

But it also has been pointed out that there are extreme challenges facing drivers in 2018, in spite of some pay increases. Some drivers might be getting paid more but there are also more problems. Government regulations such as the Electronic Logging Device or ELD Mandate, unresolved detention pay issues, major traffic problems with more cars on the road, and the lack of respect shown to those drivers (especially on on-ramps and cars cutting in) are just a few of the things drivers are having to deal with regularly that make trucking a less desirable profession.

Change in Wage Structure

To combat current circumstances some companies are moving away from the traditional per-mile rate and are looking at other measurements to pay including driving time, on-duty time, a per load rate, or a blend of the three.

An increase may be just what some drivers around the country need, where some feel they aren’t receiving a living wage.

That is the biggest question, are drivers receiving a living wage? Senator Bernie Sanders last November asked President Trump that very question. And at the very least government trucking contracts need to pay above a living wage.

Figuring out the Right Wage

Several drivers have left tips on how to look at wages.

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