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Dash cams that are top rated and fit your budget


Why should you purchase a dash cam for your truck? Have you been looking into them but just are not sure what your options are?

Dash cams are a nice truck gadget that have become a bigger deal within the past few years. There are many reasons why you would want to purchase a dash cam. Some say it helps to promote safer driving, others would say it shows whether an accident or incident could or could not have been prevented. You could also use them to record any interactions you have with DOT or law enforcement officers.  

How would you be interested in using your dash cam? Potentially to share interesting things seen on the road? Or maybe to have video to bring home to your kids that want to see how your long drive and trip was? 

Whatever the reason, I have a great breakdown of the top-rated dash cams, along with price so you can not only choose the best one for you, but one that fits perfectly into your budget as well! 


This dash cam is well known for its great recordings during night drives (Great for anyone who only drives over night!) and takes great video all around. It is small and discreet, works well in hot weather and has a very simple, user friendly system. The speed of your truck and the location you were currently driving in is also displayed within the time stamp.  

Price: $104.95  

Thinkware F50 

This one is huge for reliability, it can be utilized for recording in trucks at 12 and 24 volts while in park mode. This is extremely helpful when you step away from your truck for a period of time. Such as fueling, grabbing food, or going to the bathroom!  It is also extremely small and does not have a screen, which means it is even more camouflaged within your truck.


Price: $84.98 

VicoVation OPIA2 

High heat operation and top-notch video quality is what makes this dash cam a top-rated winner. It’s small and moves back and forth, for when you need to record anything happening on the sides of your truck.  

Price: $230.00  

Blackvue DR450-1CH 

Do you have a super upright standing windshield? Then this dash cam may be perfect for you! It is very small and records everything in high quality video. This one can also record while the truck is parked.


Price: $139.00

Kdlinks X1 

Kdlinks is the highest rated by all drivers and has the most reviews. It received a 99/100 for a rating score! The video and recordings are consistently in high definition and super clear no matter if it is during the day or night. It can also record audio within the truck and has a wide angle, which means it can catch more in a wide turn and doesn’t have as narrow of vision.  

Price: $169.95 

Rexling V1LG 

This cam is discreet, small, lightweight, and comes equipped with a gravity sensor, which means it can detect a hit, and record on the spot. It has a wide-angle lens to capture more footage, and has an excellent night camera.  

Price: $169.99 

Vantrue X3 

This cam is another one of the best out there! It has built in WiFi that allows you to control it from your smartphone, as well as motion sensor which detects when anything is moving near your truck. It is easy to operate, has a gravity sensor, and has the ability to capture still photos along with video.  

Price: $139.99 

**All prices are based on Amazon.com and subject to change due to year and version 

No matter what dash cam you decide to go with you should also consider these things:  

Large micro SD card support – This will give you better quality videos and will allow you to record an entire day’s worth of driving.  

Adhesive tapes mounts – Works way better than suction cups! Won’t fall off in the heat or due to vibrations.  

Manual event button – This helps you to save important clips or events that occur to be shown later on – Such as an incident with law enforcement or careless driving done by a four-wheeler.  

GPS included – The GPS function helps to log speed and location – Which can assist in any disputes made against your speeding record  

Capacitor based power supply – This helps to avoid safety issues when the device gets too hot and can prevent swelling and leaking batteries.  


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