Motorist shares video of “erratic” truck driver, company blames wind

You be the judge on this one.

A motorist has shared dash cam video of a semi truck weaving on Highway 1 in Saskatchewan.

The video was captured by motorist Russ Stephanson on the afternoon of August 12.

In the nearly ten minute long clip, you can see the a truck leave its lane several times, crossing over onto both the right and left shoulders of the roadway as it is followed by a silver SUV with hazards flashing — presumably to warn other drivers to steer clear of the truck.

Stephenson writes, “RCMP called for dangerous driving trucker that almost left his family prematurely because he was driving extremely recklessly in Saskatchewan. He was travelling in excess of 120KM/hr. Before the video starts he almost hits the grey SUV as he goes shoulder to shoulder on the highway. If your loved ones travel these highways please share. Share your videos of these reckless individuals. Maybe then we can get the incompetent ones off the road.”

The trucking company told CTV that the truck driver was experienced and that the driver was swerving because of high winds.

In the video, Stephenson claims that the truck driver told police that an unbalanced load was to blame for his swerving.

No charges will be filed against the driver or his company.

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