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Florida police are investigating a dump truck crash that left a commercial vehicle driver with serious injuries on Thursday.
Construction on a new truck stop in Texas began earlier this week Work on the new Chisum Travel Center began on July 8th, and is expected to last through July 31st, 2025.  The truck stop will be located...

VIDEO: Did this pickup driver set a trap for a trucker?

A trucking vlogger shares dash cam video of a brake checking incident that he believes could have turned into a lawsuit.

VIDEO: Truck tips during slow turn

A trucker appears to be negotiating an intersection at a reasonable speed, but overturns anyway.

VIDEO: Bungee cord blamed for two semi truck, four car crash

Indiana State Police say that a bungee cord is to blame for a multiple vehicle crash on I-465 in Indianapolis last week.

VIDEO: Trucker has scary close call when railroad crossing signal fails

A trucker has to make a last second save when a train appears without warning.

VIDEO: Smoke screen rear end collision

A car with engine trouble sends up massive amounts of smoke and gets rear ended by a truck in this dash cam video. 

VIDEO: Car driver finds out what happens when you cut off an 18 wheeler

A car driver gets a painful lesson in the consequences of cutting off trucks.

VIDEO: Alert bus driver narrowly avoids head on crash with semi truck

Authorities are praising the defensive driving of a charter bus driver who likely saved lives when he was able to avoid a head on crash with a semi truck. 

VIDEO: Truck on truck brake check causes serious multi-vehicle crash

In this dash cam video, you can see a semi truck come to a complete stop in front of another truck on the interstate, causing a major crash.

VIDEO: Cut off truck driver appears to get revenge on four wheeler

Watch as a truck driver appears to take matters into his own hands after he is cut off by a car. The incident happened on...

A friendly video reminder to do your fifth wheel check

A truck driver gets a hard lesson in why you check your fifth wheel. The video was shared on YouTube by user Skier1968 on September 25,...

VIDEO: What the heck caused this jackknife?

Take a look at dash cam video of a semi truck that appears to jackknife for no reason.

VIDEO: Ohio troopers looking for semi truck that hit cruiser

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) is asking for public help in locating a truck that struck a trooper's vehicle in a hit and run crash this morning.

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