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Florida police are investigating a dump truck crash that left a commercial vehicle driver with serious injuries on Thursday.
Construction on a new truck stop in Texas began earlier this week Work on the new Chisum Travel Center began on July 8th, and is expected to last through July 31st, 2025.  The truck stop will be located...

Video explores the bizarre disappearance of trucker Devin Williams

A new video from a true crime content creator delves deep into how 29 year old trucker Devin Williams vanished in Arizona in 1995....

Take a video tour of this super luxe $2.5 million double-decker RV

Get a closer look at a "mega" RV with an innovative trailer that expands both up and out to create 1200 square feet of...

Videos capture Union Pacific train smashing into truck hauling Caterpillar equipment

A pair of videos captured in Redding, California, on Wednesday show the moment of impact when a train collided with a stuck truck hauling heavy equipment.

VIDEO: Jay Leno tries driving the Tesla Semi

Former late night talk show host Jay Leno gets behind the wheel of a Tesla Semi to test out the electric vehicle's drivability and in-cab comfort.

Report looks at why a lack of truck parking is a deadly problem

CBS Evening News recently shared a report that spells out the ways that America's truck parking crisis is leading to highway deaths.

Video shows person inside big rig setting truck on fire, walking away

Video recently captured in Brampton, Ontario, shows an apparent act of arson that destroyed a semi truck.

VIDEO: Trump calls electric semis a ‘disaster’ for the trucking industry

In a recent interview for Meet the Press, former President Donald Trump weighs in on the impact of the push for electric vehicles within the trucking industry.

VIDEO: Big rig jackknifes on wet Minnesota interstate

Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic cameras were rolling to capture a major jackknife crash on Monday night.

VIDEO: Semi truck loses double trailers — twice

Traffic cameras were rolling in Minnesota on Thursday evening when a truck driver lost his trailers not once but twice on a busy interstate amid rush hour traffic.

Watch: Trucker scrapes one overpass, completely loses it on the second

A container truck driver with a too-tall load almost forced his way under not just one but two overpasses in this dash cam video.

‘Lack of adequate truck parking’ may be a factor in accident

A violent crash involving a tractor trailer parked along the shoulder of a Pennsylvania interstate was caught on dash cam earlier this week.

VIDEO: Trucker tries a U-turn on I-84

Watch as a truck driver tries out an unusual driving maneuver on I-84 in Utah -- and almost causes a crash.

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