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500 Truck Drivers Risk Losing CDL Due to Lost (Or Stolen?) School Records


State licensing officials have informed hundreds of truck drivers that they are at risk of losing their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) because the truck driver training school they attended failed to produce certain records.

More than 500 truck drivers who attended the Carolina Truck Driving School located in Charlotte, North Carolina, have been informed by letter from their state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that they must retake their road test or face having their CDL revoked, according to a report from WBTV.

The former Carolina Truck Driving School students risk losing their licenses — and livelihoods — because school officials were unable to produce records proving that they passed their road skills tests with a third-party tester during a DMV audit in the fall of 2018.

The North Carolina DMV stated “Carolina Truck Driving Training School employees could not determine where the CDL skills tests records were and could not provide the CDL skills test record documents for examination.”

For a time following the failed audit, the school says that they provided a truck and an instructor to assist students retaking the test.

However, a number of former students report that they have either not been able to retake the skills test or that they did not pass the skills test and that they lost their CDL and job.

A number of students say that they plan to file class-action suits in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Carolina Truck Driving School closed its doors for good earlier this year amid the controversy over the lost records.

The school’s owner told WSOCTV that the records were stolen by one of the school’s three testers, though he said he wasn’t sure which one.

The Carolina Truck Driving School president, Barry Henson, is also affiliated with the Tennessee Truck Driving School and the Tampa Truck Driving School.


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