‘Massive engine explosion’ caught on camera at truck pull

Slow mo and aftermath photos included in the video.

Engine Explosion

Spectators at a Wisconsin truck pull competition got a little more than they bargained for when one of the competitors had an engine explosion that sent the hood of the truck flying.

The incident was caught on video on September 6 at the at the Curd Capital Fall Nationals Truck & Tractor Pull in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Black Sheep Pulling Team shared video of the incident on their Facebook page.

The driver behind the wheel during the engine explosion wrote: “I knew immediately from the sound of the “pop” that I split the block. However, the windshield was covered in oil so I didn’t know the extent of the damage until I got out of the truck. (Both prior times we split the block, the top half barely moved.) Right around the 2:25 mark, I get out the passenger side of the cab, and you can see my reaction. I had no idea that the hood had gone flying and I actually thought that I ran it over at first, so a secomd or two later, you can see me notice the hood. -Brenda”

Despite the violence of the explosion, no injuries were reported.

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You can view the video clip below.

"Black Sheep's" massive engine explosion from the Curd Capital Fall Nationals.

"Black Sheep's" massive engine explosion from the Curd Capital Fall Nationals. Video includes slow mo, aftermath of the blow up and photos. Brenda was ok.

Posted by JP Pulling Productions on Monday, September 9, 2019