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Company says eerie cab-less truck will be on the road by next year


A tech startup officially debuted the latest version of their very driverless truck with plans to begin shipping to consumers by 2021.

On October 8, Swedish company Einride unveiled the newest version of their driverless “Pod” electric freight truck that they hope to put into production in the near future.

The first version of Einride’s Pod truck was released in 2017 and sparked online discussion for its otherworldly look and complete lack of a cab — you couldn’t put a driver in the vehicle if you wanted to. Einride says that the latest version is more aerodynamic than the 2017 version and designed to be produced at scale.

Einride’s next version of the Pod is available in “Autonomous Electric Transport (AET)” levels from 1 — 4. Level 1 is designed for use in closed facilities. Level 2 is also meant to be used mostly in closed facilities but it can be operated on public roads for short distances. Level 3 is designed for operation on backroads or less-busy public roads. Level 4 is designed for totally autonomous operation on public highways.

All levels are currently available for pre-order. Einride hopes to start shipping Levels 1 and 2 to customers by 2021. Levels 3 and 4 are expected to begin shipping in 2022 — 2023.

Levels 1 and 2 will be able to haul about 16 tons and reach speeds of 18 m.p.h. with a battery range of 80 — 110 miles.

Einride says that they’ve already partnered with several Swedish businesses to launch the new trucks.

Einride says that customers can reserve the new Pod trucks for a $10,000 fee. After that businesses will be responsible for paying a monthly operational fee that starts at $18,000 per month for Level 1 and going up to $22,500 per month for Level 4.

Earlier this year, Einride shared video featuring an Einride operator remotely controls two driverless trucks using a steering wheel and video display at a busy loading dock location.


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