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Nationwide Juneteenth Protests Planned – Group Calls For Protesters to ‘Blockade a Highway’


A Black Lives Matter group is calling on protesters to “Shut things down on June 19th.”

According to the group’s website, the group is asking Black Live’s Matter supporters to observe Juneteenth by shutting down DC, blockading highways, shutting down mass transit or commuter rail, organizing demonstrations, occupying police stations and more.

Screenshot from the group’s website

From the group’s website:

We Shut Things Down On June 19th.     

If you’re in DC: 

1. Organize a protest on June 19th, email us at [email protected]

Have your crew, friends, or family organize a demo during the day. Send us a Facebook event and graphic and we will help you get people there. 

In the early morning, we ask you to organize with your friends to shut down the basic elements of the city. Join a protest, organize direct action, sick out of work, and skip class. Shut down high traffic intersections, block highway onramps, and police stations. 

From 5 pm onwards, we will converge from our neighborhoods into downtown. Note: we are only promoting actions that center the demands of BLM DC. 

2. If you own a business pay your workers, put up a Black Lives Matter poster, shut down from 9am – 7pm and let us know. We need everyone to show their solidarity and be in the streets that day. 

3. If you’re unable to protest, bring people water, support your friends in the streets that day, support anyone at the jails, and donate to the movement.  

If you’re outside of DC: 

1. Organize a solidarity Demo 

2. Blockade a highway, metro station, or commuter rail.  

3. Occupy a police precinct 

4. Disrupt a gentrifying space 

If you’re outside the United States: 

Organize a demonstration at the embassy, military base, or consulate.  

CDLLife will keep you updated on the locations of the protests.


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