As the weather heats up, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is paying extra attention to truck drivers in an attempt to put a stop to wildfires.

The CHP’s Gold Run Division said in a social media post over the weekend that overheated truck brakes contribute to wild fires, so in response, multiple units “are out enforcing speed violations and stopping trucks that fail to stop at the brake check area as required by law.”

Troopers at CHP’s Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility also took to social media recently to remind drivers to be aware of steep grades. In the Facebook post, CHP reminded CMV drivers to stop as required at the Blue Canyon Brake Inspection Station on westbound I-80.


CHP also shared graphics with information on steep grades, runaway ramp locations, and brake check locations on I-80.

Additionally, CHP shared a chart detailing some of the most infamous steep grades in the U.S.

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