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Family of trucker shot in Nogales still looking for answers from silent investigators


Investigators have yet to release further information regarding the recent shooting of a truck driver in Nogales, despite his family’s demands. 

The shooting happened in Nogales, Arizona on Monday, May 24th, but the incident is still under investigation.

According to AZ Family, 38-year-old Glen Cockrum Jr. was shot near a Walmart parking lot after fleeing police who noticed him turn around to avoid a border patrol checkpoint. The encounter ended with Cockrum Jr. dead and 16 bullet holes through the front of the truck. 

Now, just under a week later, officials still have not released the reason Cockrum Jr. was pulled over, nor the reason why he was shot. 

“We need to know what happened to cause this. Why was there a pursuit? Why were they chasing him? Why did they have guns drawn? Why was it necessary to have over 16 bullet holes in the front of that semi-truck?” said Cockrum’s ex-wife, Sasha Jones. 

Jones said Cockrum had had encounters with police before but had never had any issues. 

“My youngest is really the one taking it the hardest. He has moments where he seems OK but then he’s full of anger and rage and just mad. He’s [Cockrum] not going to be here to watch his children graduate high school, get married, have grandchildren, and I know those are all things he wanted to do.”

“They slaughtered him … from what I heard,” said Cockrum’s mother. “Why would they do that to him?”

The DPS is currently handling the investigation, but has yet to release further information on the incident. 


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