Police say that truck driver tested positive for meth after U-turn attempt that led to fatal crash

Indiana State Police (ISP) arrested a truck driver following a fatal crash on Monday afternoon.

The crash happened at 4:45 p.m. on February 8 on I-69 in Daviess County, Indiana.

ISP says that 38 year old truck driver Allen C. Weldy was driving a truck hauling a flatbed trailer southbound on I-69 when he missed his turn.

“Weldy decided that instead of going to the next exit he would make a U-turn at the crossover near the 84-mile marker. Weldy pulled into the crossover and stopped for a moment. His trailer was completely blocking the passing lane and partially in the driving lane,” ISP said in a news release.

Fifty-two year old motorist Susan S. Yoo was driving an SUV south on I-69 behind Weldy’s truck. Troopers believe that Yoo attempted to avoid the crash but was unable to do so, crashing into the trailer “in a heavily over lapping same direction sideswipe.”

The SUV left the roadway, went down an embankment, and came to a stop in a ditch.

Yoo was pronounced dead at the scene.

Troopers say that a blood test showed that Weldy had Methamphetamines in his system.

Weldy was booked into the Daviess County Jail. Charges are pending against him.

The crash remains under investigation.