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Semi turned makeshift movie theater for kids during standstill traffic


A semi-truck was used to provide some much-needed entertainment to families who were stuck in traffic for two hours when a driver created a DIY movie theater on the side of a trailer.

In a Tik Tok posted by 89foxbody on April 24, a group of people can be seen sitting on the side of the road enjoying a movie projected on the side of a semi-truck. Their vehicles can be spotted in the background, stuck in standstill traffic.

The caption on the video says “We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. The man behind us had a projector and played a movie for my kids.”

The movie playing appears to be The Lion King.

Commenters on the video praised the heartfelt action of the driver.

“These kids are gonna remember this for their whole lives”

“That’s a great idea. I love good people. Love seeing good people around makes my days a lot better.”

“Even though it’s not how you wanted to spend the day, I’m guessing your kids will remember and talk about this forever.”


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