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Still no answers for man crushed by semi truck that fled the scene


Police are still looking for answers after a man was crushed by a semi truck at a rest stop in Kentucky last week. 

The accident happened on Tuesday, June 22nd at a rest stop on Interstate 64 in Midway, Kentucky. 

According to ABC 6 News, Gerald Sapp was parked at the rest stop checking his pickup’s oil when a semi truck backed into him, crushing him between the two vehicles. 

“It pushed him with enough force that it actually pushed the fan motor and the radiator into his truck motor. So you’ve got to think, my dad’s body is in between, and it’s just pushing all that back,” said Angela Taylor, Sapp’s daughter. 

“He is tough. And to think about him… I mean it broke the lower half of his body,” she continued. “It just completely separated it… It broke both of his femurs, the big bones in the legs which are the hardest bone in the body to break… We are just reaching out to everybody we can think of, because if he [the truck driver] can do that to my dad, he can do it to anybody. How do you leave somebody there? How do you go home to your family at night and lay your head down on your pillow or talk to them, or go and have your meal knowing that you hit someone? This story is out there, you know that you hurt someone,” Taylor said.

Despite the tragedy, Taylor says that she is thankful for the help of a witness, who rushed over to her father after the accident to provide first aid. 

The Versailles Police Department is asking anyone with information on the crash to please reach out to Sgt. Anthony Conner at the Versailles Police Department at 859-873-3126.

There is also a GoFundMe set up to help cover the cost of Sapp’s medical bills.


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